Comprehensive care with experienced specialist advice and individualised treatment plans

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You will be assessed by Dr Giri Mahadevan. He has over 10-years experience in assessing and treating the full range of venous disorders. From simple varicose veins to complex venous ulcers. In collaboration with you a specific management plan is formed

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There are no lengthy waiting lists for procedures. You will be given full information and your questions answered. Treatments usually take less than two hours, and you can go home afterwards. Most patients only require simple pain relievers post procedure

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After care

Up to 12 months of after care is included with treatments. You have peace of mind that you will be well looked after. You can contact us by phone, text, and email in case of any questions or concerns. You can always visit us in person for a review if needed

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We provide the complete range of treatment options to provide you the best outcome possible. Each procedure has its specific application as well as benefits and risks. Dr Mahadevan performs all these procedures and will guide you to the most suitable option

Thermal Treatment Laser Ablation Radio Frequency

These two techniques deliver heat through a catheter inside the vein. The use of local anaesthetic and heat seals the vein. It has been in use for over two decades with excellent long-term results. It is the commonly used method to treat varicose veins

Non-Thermal Treatment Sclerotherapy Adhesive

Sclerotherapy is when a drug is injected into the vein to seal it closed. It is commonly used as an adjunct to laser or surgical treatment. Adhesive is newer agent that has been shown to be more effective as a primary treatment for varicose veins

Surgical Treatment Surgery

Surgical removal of veins has been performed for many decades with good long-term results. Newer techniques are significantly less invasive and less painful. Surgery has a role in very large and tortuous veins, veins on the outer side of thighs and legs, perforator reflux, and patients that prefer general anaesthesia