Adhesive Treatment (Glue)

Treating varicose veins with the adhesive/glue technique

Adhesive glue treatment is relatively newer technique compared to the other treatments. It is very similar to laser and RFA but does not require local anaesthetic. With thermal ablation, patients find the application of local anaesthetic uncomfortable, even it is for a short time.

The procedure is performed in the clinic rooms, with a small needle inserted into the leg vein. Then a catheter is placed inside the vein. Very small amount of glue is then released into the vein. An ultrasound machine is used to compress the vein while the glue seals the vein shut. The procedure takes approximately one hour, and you can walk straight away. After a short period of observation, you can go home.

Illustration of adhesive used to treat varicose veins
Adhesive used to treat varicose veins

Benefits of adhesive glue:

Adhesive glue has good data regarding its efficacy. However, very long-term data is still pending. It still has limitations regarding veins that have previous clots and wriggly veins. There is also a small risk of developing irritation from the glue.