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Auckland Veins - Dr Giri Mahadevan

Please ring the rooms directly to make an appointment. Please be aware majority of insurance companies require you to have a referral from your General Practitioner to process your claims.

Ring the rooms to make an appointment on the following number:

We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. We are closed on public holidays, and between Christmas and New Year’s. Our address is:

You can email us on:

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Frequently asked questions:

The initial consultation is $311. You will be assessed, and a plan made. The costs of the procedures depend on the various contracts therefore we cannot list them. We will be able to inform you when you contact us, and we have more details. The follow up consultations post procedures do not incur any charges.
We are approved provider for the major NZ insurance companies like Southern Cross. The level of cover depends on the policy you hold. If you are fully covered then we can bill directly on your behalf. If your policy has only part cover, you will need to pay the difference. Some insurance companies expect you to pay the total amount and then lodge a claim with them. Please check with your insurance company as it specific to the policy you hold with them.
We strongly encourage you to get pre-approval prior to any procedures. We can help with necessary information for you to get the pre-approval.
The Medical Council of New Zealand, which is the regulatory body for doctors, discourage their use.
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