History, examination, and ultrasound scan

You will need to make an appointment with the rooms for a clinical consultation. You are more than welcome to bring a support person for this. The consultation will involve talking to you about your current symptoms, past medical problems, previous surgery, interventions as well as general health questions.

Following the history, you will be examined to assess your circulation and distribution of your varicose veins. With the history and examination Dr Mahadevan will be able to guide you in the next steps of whether you should have treatment or can be managed conservatively.

If intervention is considered, then you will be sent for an ultrasound scan. This is a separate appointment with registered independent sonographer and radiologist. The ultrasound scan is used to map out your veins and see which veins are working normally and which are causing the problems. You will also be given written information regarding the treatment options.

Following the scan, a follow up appointment with Dr Mahadevan is needed to discuss the scan results. During this consultation, the best treatment option for you along with alternatives can be discussed. It is possible that at this stage to differ any treatment for later date.

If you decide to proceed, then a date will be organised for the relevant procedure.